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We are the first year students of the ASMA at present. We know, that English is very important in our life, so that's way we are here!) Let's meet and talk! We have that strange name - "Hamsters", because we like nature, we like to have a picnics and have a rest on the fresh air, and it's very good, that we living far from the city center. p.s. we think, that it's will be interesting for you,that our blog will be writing for four students - Artem, Kristina, Masha and Shusha. More about us and our life we will tale later)

среда, 18 мая 2011 г.

Physics lessons are very interesting and educational for us..and more than that we have a lot of fan)

Interview with professor Borodin

-Hello, Eugene Aleksandrovich. Our group think, that you a very interesting person in our academy, because you have a large life experience, and you know English very well, and it’s important for us. What you can say about your way to study English?
-So, at first, thanks you very much for your suggestion, and thank you for interest to me.
I studded English many times: when I studded in BSMI, I made attends to study English but all most all the same it was unsuccessfully, I don’t know, why. And only when I was a 6-year student my follow Moscow scientific boss prof. Aleksandr Orchakov visited Blagoveshchensk …, we invited him to our family and he ask me “Eugene, how do you study biochemistry?”  With a great proud I show to my future boss text book of biochemistry by medical writer Albert Leninger and some other books, Aleksandr Ivanovich smile a little bit and gave me very good advice: “Eugene, don’t  you study text books, my recommendation – study English language because all important information on biochemistry is in the biochemistry periodical journal and so on; in Russian language there is only limited information, main information  is in English language”; so I understand that I have to do something  to study English, and  fortunately I had a very good teacher of  English language, he was hade of the foreign languages department of agriculture university, Vladimir Aleksanrovich Hokin, and within a year he taught me English. He gave me nearly hundred gramophone-records with English texts and taught me the English grammar, and in fact it was enough. We studded maybe two times a week, and after two month of study suddenly I realize that I began to understand English speak and conversation and the gramophone records. So I was very surprised that I begin to understand and I was very proud of myself. At the end of the six year I read my first book in English – detective story by Agata Kristi. To improve my English, when I was in Moscow, I bought radio receiver, and with his help I can hear everyday radio Moscow world service, than voice of America and only nearly two years later I began to understand BBC, because native Englishman speak very fast, other peoples – American, Germans, French – speak most slowly, that English peoples. So, this was my way of study English – at first there was a help of the good teacher and then i studied by myself.
-It’s will be very interesting information for our reader, but maybe you can give short advice for students of our academy, how they can study English better?
- Thank you for your question. My advice will be very simple – just try to speak English, when you see the person, whose speak English, speak with them not in Russia, but in English. Use English software in your personal computer; try to see TV broadcast in English.
-Thank you for useful advice. Did you hear about initiative of department of foreign languages to use internet in educational program? For example student can take part in different international project and other. What you thinking about this?
-I did not hear about it, but I think that it’s a very good idea to use internet and it will be helpful for our students to communicate with students from different countries, for example from Japan, Because it’s a very effective way to improve your English.
-Thank you for your opinion. And at the end of our dialog maybe you can tell for us any interesting story, which was happened with you and English language?
- Ok, it’s a good question. I can tell story – in 1992 Japan minister  decided to organize  foundation for cooperation of medical specialists of Japan and Russia, and first large Japanese delegation went to Krasnoyarsk medical university and they invited representatives from all medical university’s and academy’s from Russia far east and Siberia. To represent our academy Vladimir Anatolievich Dorovskih has decided to send me, because I know English. And each academy and university has nearly 5 minutes for presentation. I was relatively young because the main academy’s and universities represented by the deans and dean assistants and I was simply professor, head of the biochemistry department, but I can speak English, and majority of deans can’t speak English. I speak English just freely and as I concluded, members of the Japan delegation were impressed by my speech and the dean of the Niigata medical university come to me, and we had short discussion. So I was proud of myself and it’s was interesting for me. And many times, when I was abroad my English helps me greatly, and I can concluded, that to travel around the world there only important thinks are: foreign passport, several hundreds of US dollars and English. And if you will have these three things, you can travel, and you will have not any problems.
- Well, thank you, Eugene Aleksandrovich, for our discussion, we think, that it’s will be interesting for our reader.
-Ok, thank you very much too.

воскресенье, 24 апреля 2011 г.

суббота, 16 апреля 2011 г.

This is a result of work of our government...

As you know, our country every year have the problem of forest fires. After a last summer about 2 milliards of roubles were spended on a fight against fires in 2011. On photos you can see the result of spending of these money.

воскресенье, 10 апреля 2011 г.

Festival 7.04.2011

Hello! 7.04.2011 in ASMA  has passed the festival devoted to the 155 anniversary of Blagoveshchensk in which our first course took part has taken place. In our opinion, action has turned out bright, sated and ridiculous. Performance of first-year students was remembered and, is possible the best in academy.
Leave in comments your opinion on festival...